An amazing place with some incredible stuff…

My friend John Young told me about Philip Jamison, who has been a piano tuner and repair guru for 40 years. His workshop is in a very old carriage house in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he has an amazing collection of vintage European street organs. Philip Jamison will show up at your block party with one of these cool instruments! We plan on going back to photograph more, but here are two light painted photographs we did last week. The photographs are part of a current ongoing series called “Work Spaces”.  I want to document personal work spaces, especially those that have been occupied for many years. I am interested in the things that one is surrounded with, and that one collects, and I hope that in some way these images become a kind of portrait. This Gasparini organ was a great subject to light paint. Lots of beautiful detail, and a timeless quality…

When Roman and I were walking around Philip’s place, I was drawn to this wall. I was struck by the collection of really awesome stuff that Philip had stuck here, and I just had to photograph it. It was an interesting experience… the floor immediately in front of this wall was a 10×15 foot elevator, hanging on four cables! It was a little spooky walking around on this for an hour or two, especially when I had to get up on the step stool to paint light onto the higher areas… to see some cool pics of Philip’s place check out John Young’s flickr stream.

~ by Harold Ross on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “An amazing place with some incredible stuff…”

  1. Wow- incredible work.
    You walked into Candyland

  2. This is really interesting work. I love your concept about workspace and how it becomes an echo or shadow portrait of the person who uses it. Your explanation of the lime vs watermelon with respect to light sources and results was well done and easy for a layman like myself to understand. I look forward to more fascinating posts. Thanks!

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