New Image in “Night” series – Santa Fe 1

Here is the release of a new light painted landscape image for the series “Night”, that I photographed two weeks ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My intrepid assistant and wife Vera helped me do this one.  After lugging my tripod through various airports to and from, she deserves much praise!  The stars were out that night, and we were up on a ridge, so we could see them very clearly.  It may not show on the image, but there are lots of star trails in the sky…We were on the lookout for those nasty nocturnal rattlesnakes too, but fortunately, none showed up.  Believe me, I saw enough of them as a kid.  I spent many days in the desert having lived in southern New Mexico for a good part of my childhood.  We had rattlers in the street, and sometimes in the homes of neighbors.  We had bats in our garage (no, not the kind you take to the baseball field), tarantulas on the walls (outside) and coyotes in the neighborhood at night.  One memory I have is that my mother caught a scorpion which was crawling across OUR LIVING ROOM FLOOR! She caught it with an empty peanut butter jar.  The hardest part was keeping our dog from trying to attack it.

Back to the present day – I was drawn to this seemingly man-made pile of rocks, and to the pinon trees surrounding it.  I am hoping to convey in these images a sense of beauty that most of us don’t see under normal lighting conditions, and in a way, the idea that the photographing with intention of these seemingly ordinary subjects is in itself a act of reverence.

I used my 10″x 10″ LED panel, and also added some detail lighting with the little LED flashlight I carry.

Santa Fe 1 - From the series "Night"

~ by Harold Ross on April 27, 2010.

One Response to “New Image in “Night” series – Santa Fe 1”

  1. Great image, love the surreal effect.

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