Uinta Mountains and National Forest – Utah

Roman and I just returned from a four day location shoot in Lindon, Utah, for one of my loyal clients.  Between travel and the two days of light painting my clients products, we did get some time to explore the beautiful scenery of the Uinta Mountains and Uinta National Forest just south of Salt Lake City, Utah.


While exploring we came across Squaw Peak a scenic overlook over the towns of Lindon and Orem, UT.  This overlook is a favorite spot for local hang-gliders to takeoff from and spend hours gracefully flying or gliding through the mountains.  I struck up a conversation with one gent, Barry, who was preparing his glider for take off.  He asked if we wouldn’t mind driving his truck down the mountain and parking it at local gas station, for which he gave directions to us two out-of-towners.  So after watching him take flight along with a few other gliders we traveled down the mountain and proceeded to the drop spot, Maverick Gas.  Needless to say after 30 minutes and 3 different Maverick stations, we used his cell phone (which he left in the car) to contact a friend of his who directed us to the correct location.

Our next adventure took us through a portion of the Unita Mountains and National Forest.  Driving the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway to Provo Canyon we passed Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort and an Alpine tree grove where we stopped to take a few snapshots.  It was truly amazing to see these beautiful trees in such large groves.


Some of the wildlife we spotted along the way were a Mule Deer hunkered down in the foliage, a Falcon kiting in the valley looking for lunch, a Moose sauntering across a meadow and Bighorn Sheep on the mountain side.  It was pretty cool to spot these elusive sheep on the mountain side.

~ by Harold Ross on June 23, 2010.

One Response to “Uinta Mountains and National Forest – Utah”

  1. I once spent three weeks hiking in the High Uintas Primitive Area, and am delighted to see these beautiful photos of that gorgeous area! That’s my new desktop for sure!

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