Skeletal tree in the dunes

My friend and fellow photographer Jim Mott invited me to come to the beach to photograph. He had scouted out several areas that would be interesting to paint with light at night. I had wanted to photograph the beach itself and especially a jetty that Jim has photographed several times, so we went to look at it, but on the way there, Jim showed me some areas in the dunes that were quite otherworldly. I felt like we were walking in an alien landscape. I was taken with this tree and the way in which the dead branches fell in a radial pattern, and how it has a skeletal look. The tree is actually quite large and was quite a challenge to light!

We set up the camera, and immediately were attacked by mosquitoes and other biting flying creatures, and we had forgotten the bug repellent! It was almost unbearable, and we were both swatting and scratching the whole time. Also, I kept tripping over things as I ran around painting light onto the tree in the blackness. After 30 minutes or so of torture, we finished lighting the shot, and hurriedly packed up and left!

Weeks later, I still have itchy red bites on my legs and arms, and four days after the shoot, I  realized that I had brought home a hitchhiker, a deer tick, which I subsequently had tested for Lyme disease. Fortunately it was negative! I can’t wait to go back;-)

~ by Harold Ross on July 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Skeletal tree in the dunes”

  1. Oh Harold, you have the most exciting adventures when you are out painting with light! I could just picture the chaos and I sat here
    laughing – sorry. l However the end result was gorgeous. Sure glad
    you found the little critter that hitched a ride before he did any damage! I think you should publish a book, not only with your photos, but with accompanying stories. There are too many people who still think that a photographer just sees something pretty and
    presses the shutter and there you have it! Keep ’em coming!

  2. nice one Harold, well worth the torture!

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