Greetings from Lubec, Maine

Vera and I are in beautiful Lubec, Maine. We came up a couple of days early to get the lay of the land before my workshop on light painting in the landscape begins tomorrow. It is really beautiful here, and quite cool and comfortable. The ocean breezes feel like air conditioning and the occasional fog bank rolling in contributes to that. The farmhouse we have rented for the workshop is perfectly situated, with a gorgeous view of the ocean and a beautiful small rocky island topped with pine trees. Beyond that is a small island that only shows itself during low tide and is normally occupied by seals. We’ve seen herons, bald eagles and huge seagulls large enough to carry off a small dog.

Lubec itself is a very quiet small-town on the eastern most tip of the United States. Vera and I took a walk around Quoddy Head State Park as we will be shooting there during the workshop and found it to be an amazing place. A very rugged coastline directly adjacent to a true boreal forest.

Near the workshop farmhouse are areas that are also part of a boreal forest, an amazing moss and lichen covered boggy woods, which immediately brings to mind visions of Hansel and Gretel. Having been to Maine before, I had a vision in my mind of what this would look like, but I’d only been in the woods in the southern and middle parts of Maine, and this was my vision on steroids! Of course, I had to do a photograph last night, and here’s the result. It was pretty freaky walking around in the pitch black… there is no moon right now, and it is VERY DARK HERE.

~ by Harold Ross on August 8, 2010.

6 Responses to “Greetings from Lubec, Maine”

  1. I hope you guys have a great week for your workshop. I can’t wait to see some of the results. Maybe I’ll be able to join you next time.

  2. Beautiful, one of your best.

  3. Love it… hands down favorite. Can’t wait to see all that richness and detail in a 24″ print. WOW!

  4. I’m jealous! I think I need to take up photography so I can have an excuse to go to what sounds like an awesome place. Enjoy!

  5. I’m from lubec maine and have been researching my family lineage and my great grandfather was named Harold Ross lol that’s how I found your site and I’m happy to see other people talking about how beautiful the town is

    • Hi Ryan! What a coincidence! I also had a great uncle with the same name. And of course the founder of the New Yorker is the most famous Harold Ross. And I must say that we love Lubec! We spent time there while I was teaching some photography workshops… We stayed at a place called Bailey’s Mistake. It is just south of town and we rented a big farmhouse and had a weeklong photography workshop… Did that two years in a row and it was really so much fun. We fell in love with Lubec and would love to return one of these days! Thank you so much for your comment, Ryan :-) good luck with your family lineage research… What a nice project.

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