Atlanta Celebrates Photography 12

Photo of downtown Atlanta, GA

Every October in Atlanta, there is a month long celebration of photography called Atlanta Celebrates Photography, which consists of over 150 events, including gallery shows, lectures and portfolio reviews. I decided to take part in the portfolio review process, and I’m glad I did! Throughout the day, I met with five well-respected movers and shakers in the art photography world; Caroline Wall, Director of the Robert Mann Gallery; David Bram, Founder of Fraction Magazine; Christopher Rauschenberg, Co-Founder, Co-Curator and Board Chairman of Blue Sky Gallery, OR; Laura Moya, Executive Director of Photolucida; Yan Li, Exhibition Producer of High Noon Culture, China and Cai Huansong, Art Director of the magazine Photo China. I presented them portfolios of my current series of works, Night and Spaces, in hopes of getting constructive criticism and feedback.  Not so much feedback about my individual photographs, but more about how the images relate as a body of work, and what I can do to enhance that. I received lots of great feedback and advice! Also, I’m elated to say that Yan Li and Cai Huansong would like to show my work in Beijing!

Atlanta was great. Vera and I spent three days there and got our first taste of the city. Aside from the traffic, we enjoyed everything about it, and we plan on going back next year for a longer stay. One exhibition we visited After Color, was at Gallery See within the Savannah College of Art and Design campus in town.  This exhibition was curated by Amani Ulo, an independent curator and co-founder of HUMBLE ARTS FOUNDATION in New York, whom I recently had a portfolio review with at Philadelphia Photo Arts.

~ by Harold Ross on October 21, 2010.

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