Xiang Sha Wan Art Exhibit, Trip to Inner Mongolia

Well, Vera and I are busily getting everything ready for our trip to Inner Mongolia in China, where I’ll be exhibiting in a group show and speaking in a photography forum. The theme of the forum and show is landscape photography, which, of course, can be broadly interpreted.

There will be 11 other exhibiting American photographers participating in the show, see their links below, and a number of Chinese photographers as well…

The forum will last a week, and then Vera and I will spend five days in Beijing.

I was surprised at how much preparation there was:

Prepare prints for the exhibition.

Prepare a 20 minute talk (We are told that there will be 350 photographers at the forum)

Get inoculations (not really required, but advisable)

Get Chinese Visas

Make sure passports are up to date

Gather (and buy) warmer clothes (the day after we arrive, the expected HIGH is 10 degrees F).

Pack camera gear (we will be going on a multi-day photo excursion)


We’ll fly to S.F., then on to Beijing, then on to Baotou, a city about 300 miles west of Beijing. We leave from Philadelphia at 6:00 am, and arrive in Baotou at around 10:00 pm THE FOLLOWING DAY. Of course, Beijing is 13 hours ahead of us, so after some math, it looks like we’ll be traveling for 27 hours!

At this point, I have to put out a very special THANK YOU to Maggie Curran for getting us business class upgrades! Considering the length of the flight, we will be in her debt forever!

I hope to blog and post photos during the trip, so stay tuned! Brooks Jensen, one of the exhibiting photographers, is already blogging about the trip:


Here are links to the other American photographers:

Thomas Michael Alleman  www.sunshineandnoir.com/

David Grant Best  www.insightsgallery.com/davidgrantbest.html

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart  www.MaureenRuddyBurkhart.com

Brooks Jensen  www.brooksjensenarts.com and www.lenswork.com

Brendan Kingsley  www.brendankingsley.com

Bob Kolbrener  www.Bobkolbrenerphotography.com

Joe Lipka  www.joelipkaphoto.com

Christopher Rauschenberg  www.ChristopherRauschenberg.com

Justine Reyes  www.justinereyes.com

Harold Ross  www.haroldrossfineart.com

Lauren Semivan  www.laurensemivan.com

Walt Stricklin  www.waltstricklin.com

Happy Holidays to all, and best wishes for the New Year!

~ by Harold Ross on December 24, 2010.

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