Xiang Sha Wan Update

Well, my apologies for the sporadic communications and images, but with the Chinese blocking sites like Facebook, YouTube and WordPress blogs, it has been nearly impossible to keep you up to date on my travels here.  My work around, to this connectivity issue, is to email my posts and images to Roman, who can then post these updates.

You can also follow, fellow American and Xiang Sha Wan exhibitor, Brooks Jensen’s blog at: http://xiangshawan.lenswork.com/

So, here are a few quick images from my travels here in Xiang Sha Wan.

Camel herders are here with the camels, and these guys are tough. The weather is brutally cold, temps around zero (and well below!), and they are out in it all day…

We 10 Americans are like celebrities, there are 300 or so Chinese Photographers here to see the exhibit, and they ALL want to take our picture and have themselves photographed with us.

The big yurt is totally unheated, and the theater inside is not heated either, but these people are totally used to it. The Americans are all freezing, and it seems like nothing to these folks.

Here a store front from the streets of Erdos, China….

and a few people playing basketball in minus 5 degree temps at 7:00 am.

~ by Harold Ross on January 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Xiang Sha Wan Update”

  1. Loved looking at all your holiday trip pictures. Wow such a different life from us. Thanks for sharing

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