One Last Glimpse of China….Then Home Sweet Home!

On our last day in Beijing, Vera and I decided to visit the Fayuan Buddhist Temple on a very cold and windy day. Just our luck that we were visiting China during a cold snap.
The Fayuan Temple is the oldest Buddhist Temple in Beijing, and we saw quite a few monks and worshipers there. People were offering incense, as did we, and there were large ornate forged iron burning vessels for this purpose.

And some other scenes and details within the Temple

After visiting the temple, we went to Tiananmen Square. Impressive mainly because of its size, the square was quite crowded, and is accessible by underground tunnels with security checks. We were still quite cold, so walked briskly through the square and through the local streets toward our warm hotel.

Here is a view of the entrance into The Forbidden City

Along the way was a busy barbershop, a restaurant with fish cooking out on the sidewalk, and, as always, lots of interesting sights to see in the neighborhoods of Beijing.

Speaking of cooking, Vera and I watched a little TV while in Beijing, and although we didn’t understand the dialogue, we were very entertained.

Here’s a short 30 second clip of a spot we liked:

A Restaurant’s marquis.

A Beijing food market.

An outdoor food market in the evening

Below is a short video showing a glimpse of the way traffic works in China. As Brooks Jensen told me, the lines are just a suggestion. The main thing we noticed is that although people cut each other off constantly, no one ever gets angry, and horn honking is just to let someone know you are approaching or passing. So, ironically, even though it looks like chaos, it is very calm, no tempers flare, and it is a calmer experience than driving in America!

In the first clip, take a look as we approach the second intersection, and keep an eye on traffic entering the intersection from the right.

In the second clip, you’ll see that we almost hit a bus… this happened constantly, drivers crossing the double yellow, narrowly avoiding head-on collisions.

However, I don’t recall seeing any traffic accidents during our two week stay.

Food menus…the first one is for tea.


A candy maker hammering some peanut candy.

Try to find a Starbucks on Google Maps in China…

Better images of this motorcycle cab thingy…too cool.

A real respect for trees… this wall was built around the tree!

A bamboo fire ladder, about 3.5″ diameter legs!

An old chair that is still being used, on a main Beijing street.

That chair was directly across the street from this building.

This GIANT TV is displayed in the mall concourse. My father-in-law would pull up a chair to watch the Italian soccer team!

Check out the uniforms of the staff of this department store.

The Beijing Wangfujing shopping district at night. Love the jewelry store with a McDonalds-like logo, and Big Ben in the background!

The last photo of the trip, shot on approach to San Francisco.

What an amazing trip, to an amazing place with amazing people. We made great friends and we made great memories.

In a future post, I’ll show a few of my favorite pictures from the trip…

That’s all for now, thanks for following along!

~ by Roman Coia on January 12, 2011.

3 Responses to “One Last Glimpse of China….Then Home Sweet Home!”

  1. Wow! harold and vera, this is AMAZING, what an incredible trip, from the sands (in your art) of mongolia, camels, forbidden city, parts of camera stores, temperature, temples, graveyards, absurdity and beauty—wow. Love the blog, thanks for putting it up! Hope all is well with you both !

  2. Very beautiful Beijing

  3. Wow, amazing. Thank you for sharing with us….looking forward to the favorites. :)

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