Photo China Magazine

Photographer: Harold Ross

I just received some copies of the April 2011 issue of Photo China Magazine, a well respected publication which may be the largest of its type in China.  I’m very excited, as they have published an eight page spread highlighting my “Night” series of images!

The level of reproduction is excellent, and the other images by the Chinese photographers are wonderful. The magazine also has images of the Xiang Sha Wan exhibition from some of the 10 or so American photographers that went to China with me.

Here are a few snapshots of the image spreads:

They also included a few of my images of camel herders and their camels.  The two bottom photos of this spread, silhouette of the camels and the red and yellow ceiling of the Ordos Wedding Hall, are photographs by fellow American photographer, Brooks Jensen of Lenswork.

~ by Harold Ross on May 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Photo China Magazine”

  1. Harold:
    Congratulations — a big feather in your cap. Keep up the good work.
    Ron Matson

  2. Harold,
    Your Night images pop beautifully against the black background of the magazine pages. And the old world feel you’ve added to the camel shots with your use of sepia is just right. What a thrill to see your art going global! Congratulations.
    Patrice Ryan

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