One-on-One Light Painting Workshop – Marcel Page

Well, it’s mid-week and I’m very energized. I’m so energized because this past weekend was spent teaching a one-on-one workshop to Marcel Page, who flew out from Chicago for an intensive three day course in light painting in the studio. Normally, the one-on-one workshops are two days, but Marcel opted to add a third day.

As much as I love teaching the group workshops, I really enjoy the one-on-one experience, as things are a little more focused directly at the needs and desires of the student.

Marcel Page has a real passion for photography, and works as a professional shooting interiors and architecture.

His goal in taking the workshop was to crank up the quality and feel of his lighting, and to learn how to incorporate light painting into his interior photography. He also wanted to learn light painting the still life and how that can be incorporated into professional assignments.

To that end, we spent three days shooting an interior and three still life images.

After my lecture on lighting theory, and how it applies to light painting, and looking at work to discuss various lighting approaches, I gave Marcel a short lecture on visual adaptation, along with visual examples which I’ve made one of my favorite parts of the workshop.

We’ll be posting about visual adaptation in the near future…

Okay, on to the workshop…

I normally start by setting up a small still life and demonstrating light painting. It’s always fun to go around my studio hunting for props for one of these shots. Over the years I’ve collected many tchotchkes, and it’s always interesting to see what combination of things we’ll come up with. I then took Marcel through my post production techniques on the image. Be assured, there are no real manipulations going on. What you see is due to the lighting, and the post production consists mainly of softly blending captures. Here are the results. Make sure to click on the images for a larger view!

Then, on the second day,  Marcel set up a still life of objects he found in the studio… and did the light painting under my supervision… light painting is all about texture, dimension and shape!

Marcel wanted to do a perfume bottle, something with challenging reflections. This image, believe it or not, was shot on a plain white background!

As an architectural and interior photographer, one of Marcel’s goals was to come away from the workshop with an understanding of how light painting can enhance an interior room shot. This is the front entryway to my studio before light painting and after.

What a great weekend! Marcel got some great light painting training and some great Philly cheesesteaks while he was here! And my cappuccinos weren’t bad, either… I have that down to a science… will post some pictures of my Latte Art in the near future…

In two weeks, I’ll have another one-on-one workshop with Sonia, who is flying here from Australia!

~ by Harold Ross on June 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “One-on-One Light Painting Workshop – Marcel Page”

  1. Wonderful work. I really fell in to your images. I would love to learn more about this workshop… do tell (please).

    • Hi Christine… of course… I can answer any questions you have about the workshop, but there is a wealth of information about them on the blog…over on the right side under “Light Painting Workshops”.
      Make sure to look under the Group Workshops, as the one-on-one workshops are basically the same, except that we don’t usually do the Friday evening intro, and they tend to be a little more flexible in terms of how we spend the time.
      If there is anything you want to ask beyond that, just do so, and I’d be happy to answer!

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