Recap – July 2011 – Light Painting Workshop

Roman and I just completed the July Light Painting Workshop weekend before last.  We had another great group of attendees who took to light painting and the process with great enthusiasm and success!

We had attendees from Connecticut, Vermont, Philadelphia, West Virginia and Australia!

Below are images created by the students along with, in some cases, comments on the workshop:

Image created at Harold Ross Light Painting WorkshopPhoto by Don Ross

“Many thanks for a great weekend. Your studio provided the perfect environment for a quantum learning experience. Both you and Roman were so well prepared to share your expertise. All the really good photographers I’ve had the privilege of knowing have been extremely generous people. You both fit that description, generous in spirit, great teachers, good humored. What a team.

Your focused instruction on the simple yet unlimited power of layers was perfect. And most importantly your demonstration and explanation of your lighting methods will be a game changer for me. I left the workshop knowing that I understood what I’d been taught.  Also, that I will be able to incorporate that knowledge, in a number of ways, into what I consider to be an already evolved vision and work flow. I am grateful.”
–  Don Ross, Vermont

Image created at Harold Ross Light Painting WorkshopPhoto by Frank Robbins

“Harold’s workshop on painting with light was a real eye opener.  Participants got to take a close look at the process by observation and trial-and-error.  Harold and his assistant, Roman, couldn’t have been more helpful and patient.  They had a great way of making sure everyone understood the process and kept up with the exercises.  I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to see photography from another standpoint.  It was a side-step adventure into the study of light and the creative process of piecing together component images to make a unique still life image.  I see things a little differently now.  Thanks again for providing a great workshop.” 
–  Frank Robbins, West Virginia

Image created at Harold Ross Light Painting WorkshopPhoto by Sonia Nunez

“WOW… Harold Ross is truly a master of his craft! His still life workshop has forever transformed the way I look at and apply light to my images. It was totally worth the trip from Australia!!!
  Sonia Nunez, Australia

Image created at Harold Ross Light Painting WorkshopPhoto by Dan McLaughlin

“I am amazed at how fast I was able to learn and correctly use the Painting with Light techniques taught by Harold.  His enthusiasm for this form of photography and his confidence to share it effectively made it a worthwhile learning experience.  My project photo of Saint Rita is generating much interest with descriptions such as “awesome, beautiful, and wonderful work.”  I look forward to work on my own Light Painting photograph very soon to help reinforce what I have learned.  Thank you Harold, and your assistant Roman!”
–  Father Dan McLaughlin, osa, Philadelphia, PA

Image created at Harold Ross Light Painting WorkshopPhoto by Jim Elting

“What a great weekend.  Thanks to you both for a fine job of hosting the group and making the whole workshop so seamless.  Harold, you did a masterful job of presenting a sophisticated technique and making it appear so easy.  The whole group seemed to pick up the basics very quickly and apply them at a level that I personally didn’t think possible.  It speaks to your patience as a teacher and your easy going style.  I will be attending another of your workshops when my schedule allows and I can’t wait!”
–  Jim Elting, Connecticut

If you would like to see a compilation of each image created by attendees of each workshop, here is a link to the Image Showcase with the work:   Harold Ross Light Painting Workshops

~ by Harold Ross on July 29, 2011.

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