One-on-One Light Painting Workshop – Sonia Nunez

It’s been a very busy summer! There has been a flurry of workshop activity and I’ve been hustling! There have been both group and One-on-One studio still life workshops, and next week’s landscape workshop in Maine is approaching fast.

I just completed teaching a One-on-One workshop with Sonia Nunez, who flew in for the summer from Australia.

Sonia is interested in commercial photography, and to that end, she wanted a real challenge in this workshop. She wanted to photograph something that would cover all kinds of lighting challenges… from chrome to reflective painted surfaces, to black non-reflective surfaces, etc. Also, Sonia rides a motorbike (that’s motorcycle in the U.S.) in Australia, so it is the perfect subject!

Roman and I gave my ’79 Triumph Bonneville a bath, and we rolled it into the studio for its light painting debut. Here we are giving it the white glove test…

The Triumph posed so many challenges, it took us an entire day to shoot. However, it was well worth it, and we had so much fun, mates!

Photo by Sonia Nunez

~ by Harold Ross on August 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “One-on-One Light Painting Workshop – Sonia Nunez”

  1. Awesome Harold, the Triumph looks great!

  2. Looks Great!

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