Light Painting in the Landscape Workshop – Maine, 2011 – Recap

Lubec, Maine never ceases to amaze me. The beauty, the serenity and the real possibility of being fogged in for the week… well, all but one day.  The show must go on, however, and we made a go of it.  On the first night of the workshop when I normally do my demonstration of light painting in the landscape, we encountered rain and fog, neither of which is good for digital equipment and big battery packs worn around the waist!  Instead, I set up a couple of still life sets in the farmhouse and presented my demo indoors.

A few of the images created during the week are below, but the rest of the images shot by workshop attendees can be seen in this Image Gallery, also linked again at the end of this post.

On Tuesday evening we again had rain, so everyone scoured the grounds and house for props and objects, to create their own still life compositions.

Photo by Mickey Freed

Wednesday turned out to be a beautiful clear day and evening, so we were able to explore Quoddy Head State Park for the evening’s light painting session.  Everyone was eager to get out to create images, and to put their classroom lessons to the test.

Photo by Sonia Nunez

Photo by Bill Earle

Thursday brought about a thick, wet fog throughout the day and evening.  In spite of this, we all decided that we should at least set out to Moose Cove and test the conditions.  It was very wet, slippery, and visibility was terrible, but everyone did their best to cover their equipment with plastic bags and give it a go. Much to my amazement, everyone got through the weather challenges and created a great light painted landscape.

Photo by Deane Hall

Photo by Jane Koester

Friday was spent doing the post-processing and Photoshop compilation of Thursday evening’s shoot. The day ended with a wonderful thank-you dinner prepared by our own personal French chef, and resident Lubec-ian, Nicole Moores.  Her fabulous lunches and dinners kept us happy all week.

This year’s attendees, many of whom traveled far and wide for this workshop, were Deane Hall, Colorado; Bill Earle, Pennsylvania; Jane Koester, Delaware; Mickey Freed, Delaware and Sonia Nunez, Australia.  They all exhibited patience with the weather, a passion for photography, and a willingness to learn something new and challenging.

Roman and I wish to thank each attendee for the unique qualities and perspectives they brought to Maine.

Click HERE to view the full image showcase.

To see more videos on Light Painting by Harold click HERE

~ by Harold Ross on August 28, 2011.

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