Cafe Latte Art

I have a lot of hobbies. I love to weld and create functional art… and I love to make cast concrete tables and counter tops for friends… and I love coffee… espresso and cappuccino in particular. I rarely find time for welding and casting concrete, but every single morning I get to make latte art as I’m making our morning cappuccino.

I am no master of this, believe me, but I enjoy seeing the results of the physics of fluid dynamics, the interplay between properly extracted espresso and perfectly steamed milk.

Below is a compilation of iPhone pictures of my latte art, and a video showing the process of pouring (sorry… I’m a photographer, not a videographer). I wish I could share the taste!

Cafe Latte Art

~ by Harold Ross on September 21, 2011.

10 Responses to “Cafe Latte Art”

  1. Hello Harold. Your passion for photography and your love of latte really comes through in this composition. It reminds me that I need to pay you a visit and get my favorite dose of cappuccino!

  2. Just give a call and stop by any time, Jeanette!

  3. Harold and his amazing coffee machines! I wish the internet had smellovision.

  4. What machine do you use to steam your milk?
    When I eventually enroll in your workshop I’ll bring Black Cat.

    • Hi John, I have an Astoria Divina single group. It has a big boiler, and a rotary vane pump. I look forward to the Black Cat! My friend and fellow photographer Jim Lawson just got back from Seattle, and brought me two bags of Cafe Vivace Espresso. After one grind adjustment, the extraction was amazing. I made an open-bottomed portafilter, and the tiger striping was incredible, and crazy amounts of crema. Tasted good, too;-)

  5. Nice! That’s a serious machine.

    • Yes, John, I was lucky to find it on Ebay at a ridiculous price, and it came with a really nice grinder! It wasn’t listed properly, and so had no audience, so I lucked out. I wouldn’t normally recommend buying a used espresso machine, but the price was so good that I was willing to take the risk. I had to descale it and replace a seal or two…

  6. You are amazing! As I sit here enjoying my inferior latte, I am jealous!

  7. Harold…they’re too pretty to drink….I hope you saved and hermetically sealed them and they are sitting in your studio. ;)

  8. Not only do they look good but they taste good as well. You got me hooked. I rarely drank coffee before I met you. Now I have
    a cappuccino every morning. They help me keep up with me two year old
    son. :) Not a fan of Star Bucks. I go to a local coffee spot.

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