Video of animation of light painting in the landscape.

So, lately I’ve been thinking about a cool little project… I thought it might be fun to create a video animation from the still shots of one of my landscape photographs.  Shooting video of me light painting is problematic. Since I’m in complete darkness, it’s very difficult to get a good exposure in the video. It basically looks like an incredibly bright light surrounded by blackness. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a videographer, and I thought that since my still exposures were adjusted through the use of time and motion and distance, that the animation would be much more interesting. I created it in Photoshop, and basically, it’s a compilation of all of the separate captures that I shot and later very simply masked together for the final image.

Please make sure that after you hit the play button, you click on the HD button on the upper right for a sharper image!

Some of you have asked for a slower version… here it is, below the original.

Check it out:


To see more videos on Light Painting by Harold click HERE



~ by Harold Ross on January 5, 2012.

13 Responses to “Video of animation of light painting in the landscape.”

  1. Very cool – I felt like I was there helping with the shoot.

  2. Awesome!! That is pretty cool and inspired me to finally have a go at this technique. Didn’t come out anywhere near as good but practice will hopefully get me a fraction closer to your examples.

  3. Nicely done Harold. Thanks for posting this up. Very helpful for those of us who can’t make it to a seminar (due to geographical constraints!)

  4. Great idea, Harold. I really appreciate you doing this. One thought though; is it possible to slow this down? It does zip by rather quickly.

  5. Paul, I will try to do that. My son, Jonathan pointed that out as well! I’ll try to get that done in a day or two.

  6. OK, There is a slower version of the video above! – Harold

  7. As always, awesome!

  8. Excellent – thank you for sharing

  9. Much better! Thanks. This type of video would make for a great tutorial series.

  10. Very cool I remember using a flash light to light a low budget product

  11. Nicely done and thanks for sharing. It all starts with with good composition, like yours did.

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