Vintage Coffee Grinder

Those of you that know me know how much I enjoy coffee. Okay…scratch that. I LOVE coffee. How the grind, the pump pressure and the tamp pressure affect the extraction time is a science all its own. There really is a difference in how extraction time affects taste, and those of you that choose to take my workshop will get to taste it first hand and judge for yourselves! I thoroughly enjoy making great coffee for friends, family, and neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors… another man with a passion for coffee is my neighbor here at the studio, Don Ervine. His company,  Tally Ho Coffee, specializes in roasting coffee right here in West Chester, PA.

I ran into Don the other day, and he showed me an old coffee grinder he had picked up at an antique shop. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to photograph it. He gladly handed it over and I brought it into the studio and made a photograph of it. Here it is!

Photographer Harold Ross's image of old coffee grinderPhotograph by Harold Ross

~ by Harold Ross on January 14, 2012.

9 Responses to “Vintage Coffee Grinder”

  1. Great shot Harold. Love how the handle shares the same curve as the circular imprints on the background. And the lighting is, of course, true to your talent. With winter finally here, the image made me think of how good a cup of your coffee would taste right now!

    Hope you’re doing well and best to Vera.

  2. Very nice Harold. A wonderful combination of both of your passions. Looking forward to a cup next weekend.

  3. Another awesome shot!! Stunning, now I want a coffee! Regards, Roberto.

  4. It is wonderful how you have pulled beauty out of such a simple object. You have inspired me to expand my collection! Thank you again, Don

  5. Nicely done Harold. Love the dappled light.

  6. Nice how you can make an ordinary item (although there is a lot of interest in this) to look like that.

  7. Where is my latte?

  8. Thank you, all! It was very fun to shoot. Today, it’s back to the same old grind;-)

  9. Love this photo! I wish we lived closer, so that I could enjoy more of your coffee! ;)

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