Recap of 2012 January Group Still Life Workshop

Roman and I hosted the January group light painting workshop a couple of weekends ago. This group was a lot of fun! We had a few attendees from Pennsylvania: Bill Earle, John Motzi , Rob Cardillo, and Dorothy Ringler. Wendy Belkin flew in from Georgia, and Susan MacKenzie drove down from Boston.

It was a great atmosphere, with everyone having some laughs and enjoying themselves while they learned about the nuances and challenges of light painting.

Below are the images created by the workshop attendees. Let us know what you think! Their images will also be included in the Image Showcase Gallery.

Harold Ross's Light Painting Student Bill Earle's Still LifePhotograph by Bill Earle

Harold Ross's Light Painting Student, Dorothy Ringler's Still Life PhotographPhotograph by Dorothy Ringler

Harold Ross's Light Painting Student, Rob Cardillo's Still Life PhotographPhotograph by Rob Cardillo

Harold Ross's Light Painting Student, Wendy Belkin's Still Life PhotographPhotograph by Wendy Belkin

Harold Ross's Light Painting Student, Susan MacKenzie's Still Life PhotographPhotograph by Susan MacKenzie

Harold Ross's Light Painting Student, John Motzi's Still Life PhotographPhotograph by John Motzi

~ by Harold Ross on February 9, 2012.

5 Responses to “Recap of 2012 January Group Still Life Workshop”

  1. Wonderful——-it would be a great treat to attend one of your workshops. Your “students”, “attendees” put together some wonderful photos and must take pride in what they learned. Do all of those great props reside in your house?

  2. Harold, these images are amazing, well done to the group! Love the tools shot.

  3. Thanks, Gary and Dan… yes, the tools shot, done by Rob Cardillo, is a terrific image, and even more so when you know why he did it. Those tools belonged to and were used by Rob’s grandfather, and he did the photograph in honor of him. His grandfather painted the tools so that he could identify them at his job sites. Since my “Anvil” image was done with my grandfather in mind, I totally identified with Rob’s image… and the meaning behind it.

  4. Gary, yes, most of these props reside at my studio. I have a thing for older, vintage tools and machines… if you take a look at the post linked below, a One-on-One workshop with Marcel Page, you’ll see a photograph of my entryway, and some of the cool things I’ve collected over the years. there is an enlarger, 8×10, from 100 years ago, and some gongs that my grandfather brought back from Vietnam when he was there during the war. Anyway, there are lots of cool things to shoot here! CLICK:

  5. These images are beautiful. Well done !

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