One on One Workshop with Chef Dennis Littley

Yesterday I finished the first day of a two day workshop with Dennis Littley, a professional chef who has a blog dedicated to cooking.  Dennis has a huge following, and is a talented chef and a skilled writer! His blog is packed with awesome recipes. Dennis took the workshop to gain a better understanding of lighting as it pertains to his own photography of food. As part of our first day of the workshop, I always do a demonstration of light painting, and today I created a composition of a beautiful mandarin orange and a pewter candlestick. Below is the result. Today we will do the post production of Dennis’ image, a lovely composition of tomatoes, garlic and a ceramic bottle. I’ll post the results of that image in the next few days.

Mandarin orange still life light painted photograph by Harold RossPhotograph By Harold Ross

~ by Harold Ross on February 19, 2012.

13 Responses to “One on One Workshop with Chef Dennis Littley”

  1. Looks great! To me, the results of light painting never get old. Each image is unique and tells its own story.

  2. Thank you so much for your patience with me and sharing your wealth of knowledge! I can’t believe how much I was able to learn in just two days.

    I had a great time and look forward to working with you again!

  3. […] would like to see my first lesson in Light Painting, before I set up and shot my own, check out the Harold Ross Fine Art Photography Blog where he actually did a very nice post about our workshop!  You can also see the type of lights he […]

  4. Very Nice! Hope you and Vera are doing well.


  5. Dennis, It was my pleasure. I very much enjoyed learning about cooking as you learned about light painting!
    Later today I’ll post your image…

  6. Just viewed all of your food photography, it looks almost to good to be real. Lovely work (visiting via Chef Dennis).

  7. Your photography is stunning…you are obviously an extremely talented artist!

  8. Simply amazing! I wish I have opportunity to take your class.

  9. […] recently learned.  I mentioned a few weeks ago about the workshop I went to on light painting by Harold Ross, and while some of the techniques are a little too much for day to day food photography, some of […]

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