Follow up… One-on-One workshop with Chef Dennis Littley

This past weekend, I taught a One-on-One light painting workshop to student Dennis Littley, a professional chef who also has an excellent award winning blog dedicated to cooking. His blog, A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis, is chock-full of cooking advice and great recipes. Dennis has a loyal following, and is a very talented writer as well.

We had a great workshop, and Dennis learned about lighting theory and how it pertains to the specialized technique of light painting. He was quite enthusiastic, and did a great job delving into the Photoshop techniques that I teach in the workshop.

During breakfast and lunch breaks, we talked a lot about food and blogging, as I love to cook and I love to blog, even though I have very little time to do them. I learned a lot from Dennis about both subjects!

At one point on Saturday, I asked Dennis for a suggestion for music while we were working. He suggested I play Alison Krauss, an artist I have come to like through my wife Vera, who is a big fan of hers (a friend, Tony Curran, says she has the voice of an angel. ;)). Dennis went on to tell me how he once had the honor of cooking for Alison and her band before a concert, and how he was invited to hang out with them for several hours after the concert. Sounds like a real endorsement of his cooking! Needless to say, Vera and I are very jealous.

Anyway, Dennis decided to create a very simple still life with some beautiful tomatoes, garlic, and a couple of props that I had at the studio. At the workshops, I always provide lots of fruits and vegetables to be used along with my extensive collection of props. After 22 years in this studio, I’ve amassed quite a collection of stuff. I also create functional art out of welded steel, so I have a ton (literally) of old tools and machinery from time spent scavenging at scrapyards (some people call me a hoarder… I’ve learned to live with that title ;). In the workshops, I try not to be heavy-handed in determining still life composition for the students. I allow them to work the composition by themselves, and then, if needed, I may make a few suggestions. One of the things that I’ve noticed about light painting over the years is that a very simple and basic composition can be quite beautiful.  Dennis’s composition, although simple and with few elements, looked wonderful when painted with light. Here is the result:

Dennis Littley's still life photograph made during a light painting workshop with photographer Harold Ross.Photo by Dennis Littley

~ by Harold Ross on February 22, 2012.

5 Responses to “Follow up… One-on-One workshop with Chef Dennis Littley”

  1. wow, I still can’t get over how beautiful that image is.. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with me, you are truly inspiring!

  2. Thank you, Dennis… I enjoyed it very much!
    Yes, I’m always surprised when I come back to an image a few days later, and I’ve forgotten the focus of dealing with the details:-)
    And, I’m still surprised at the difference good lighting makes…

  3. Looks fantastic. Great work!

  4. Beautiful creation! My compliments to the “Chef”!! : – ))

  5. I was looking forward to seeing the photo Dennis took – it is stunning!

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