A few of my favorite things… a talk, a demonstration, and a still life of old tools.

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This past Tuesday, March 6, I had the great pleasure of giving a talk and demonstration to the Main Line Camera Club at their meeting place in Haverford, PA.

Charlene Gallagher and Debbie Laverell, my hosts, made me feel very welcomed, and there was a good turnout, with 40 to 45 photographers  in the audience.

As always, I started out by talking about the basic rules of lighting theory and how they relate to light painting. Then I gave a projected presentation showing the tools used in light painting, followed by a slideshow of my work. After that, I gave a demonstration of light painting a still life, and then showed how I process out the images and put them together using the workflow that I’ve developed in Photoshop. All of this was projected so that everyone in the audience could clearly see what was happening.

I decided to do a very formal composition of some old wooden boxes and tools, one of my favorite subjects. I wanted to keep it fairly simple, and as I find so often to be the case, a simple image can be very beautiful when sculpted with light.

I always enjoy these presentations, and I love the challenge of creating an image in front of a group. Sometimes we work better under pressure! This audience was terrific, and had lots of great questions during the evening.

Here is the image I created for the attendees:

Harold Ross's Light Painted image of tools and wooden boxes for the Main Line Club

Photograph by Harold Ross

~ by Harold Ross on March 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “A few of my favorite things… a talk, a demonstration, and a still life of old tools.”

  1. Hi,
    Your work fascinates the imagination. I would gladly buy a video or series of video explaining your technique.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I’ll echo Andre’s sentiments, Harold. I find your work fascinating and inspirational. Have you ever considered putting together a video tutorial or ebook? I too would gladly buy it.

  3. Truly stellar! I had the pleasure of witnessing the creation of this amazing photo at Harold’s great presentation at Main Line Camera Club on March 6th. The photo is truly a work of Art! Everyone at MLCC really enjoyed the experience!

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