Hitting the ground running…

Well, after a long absence due to a long and arduous move, we are back and busy! Moving everything into a new home and studio was a huge task… 21 years of stuff at the studio, and let me tell you, 3000 square feet holds a lot of stuff. Given my hobbies of welding, making metal sculpture and concrete tables, much of the stuff was HEAVY! It took us about 10 straight days of moving, and this doesn’t count packing. Two 26 foot truckloads at first, and countless van and trailer loads was a killer. Vera and I were very fortunate… we had lots of great help from friends and family. My brother, Norman, was indispensable all the way through. Thanks, Bro! And thanks to all of our good friends who helped. Your help will always be deeply appreciated, and you are heroes in our book!

We’ve moved to southern Lancaster County, PA, and we are loving it. It’s very rural here, with farms everywhere, and Amish buggies, and wildlife. In our back yard, which borders on a large pond, we’ve seen a bald eagle, lots of deer, green herons, snapping turtles, great blue herons, and about a thousand frogs. We’ve watched a pair of geese build a nest and hatch goslings, and there is a huge Coi fish in the pond at least 40 inches long!

On to light painting…

I’ve been very busy with workshops, as well as other photography obligations and projects. Workshops are fantastic… I get to meet new friends, and get to deepen friendships with repeat students, all while exploring the intricacies of light painting. Recently, I’ve taught a couple of “master” classes to my alumni photographers who have been light painting for awhile.

Very soon, I’ll be posting specific (and more advanced) techniques of lighting and post production, inspired by these “master” classes. These workshops allow us to go deeper into the nuances of masking and light painting.

Stefan, an alumni student from New York, was here for the inaugural one-on-one workshop at the new digs! Stefan wanted to do a commercially-oriented image, and he brought his Jura espresso machine to shoot. It was challenging, as there was lots of chrome and brushed stainless steel. Not a typical subject, we used a combination of the soft LED panel with a scrim and the flashlight with the homemade diffuser of my design. All light painted, the image is pretty dramatic, and is a study in reflection:

Harold Ross One-on-One Workshop Photo Espresso Machine

~ by Harold Ross on July 7, 2012.

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