One-on-One Light Painting Workshop with Sonia Nunez

Sonia Nunez, of Sydney Australia, returned to take another workshop in light painting. Sonia has taken several workshops in the past, and is a dedicated and talented student. Like the recent workshop with Stefan, this one was essentially a master class in light painting and post production. In the basic workshops, we delve deeply into lighting theory, light painting and layering and masking techniques in Photoshop. In the more advanced workshops, we get into some of the finer nuances. Sonia chose to do a rather complex still life, with lots of challenging subjects and surfaces. One of the things we have to keep in mind when setting up a still life is that we will, in effect, be “responsible” for every pixel of that image. Simply put, we’ll be making decisions in both lighting and post production involving each and every element in the photograph. This is yet another way in which light painting is like painting on canvas. In much of photography, we compose through the lens, make general decisions about lighting, whether that lighting is artificial or natural, and use post production and other tools to create the best image we can after the capture. Still life photography, and especially light painting, is a more surgical approach… It is the extreme opposite of the snapshot aesthetic. We take the time to carefully compose and construct our subject, then we make lighting decisions about each and every element in the picture, and then in post production, we make further decisions about each and every element. The camera and the subject is static, but we (and the lighting) are in motion, placing highlights exactly where we want them… Just like a painter would do. Below is Sonia’s final image. It took many hours to photograph and work up the final image, but I think it was well worth it!

Harold Ross's workshop student Sonia and her light painted still life

Photo by Sonia Nunez

My next blog post will have some tips on the nuances of masking in Photoshop.

~ by Harold Ross on July 14, 2012.

5 Responses to “One-on-One Light Painting Workshop with Sonia Nunez”

  1. Fantastic end result for this image. Looks very early-1900s.

  2. This is fantastic. Perfectly explained, beautiful picture! Look forward to your next post!

  3. Amazing image! Very nicely done, great post.

  4. Love it.

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    me earlier this year. I posted about her earlier workshop, and now
    here are the results of her latest […]

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