Light Painting Tips and Techniques: Masking a highlight layer…

Here’s a very short and simple video tutorial I put together on masking a highlight layer. It’s my first video about post production in Photoshop, and it deals with bringing in a capture that was shot for a specific purpose, and using masking to make it a little more interesting and dimensional. Of course, the image was shot with light painting, and as with most of my images, the captures are simply layered together to create the final image. This tutorial shows just one layer being brought in, and then using masking to affect that layer. This is the first of more tutorials to come, and it is just a quick look at the kind of information that my students learn (although more in depth) at my workshops.

Please click on the HD button on the upper right of the video for better video quality…


To see more videos on Light Painting by Harold click HERE



~ by Harold Ross on July 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Light Painting Tips and Techniques: Masking a highlight layer…”

  1. thanks for the tutorial harold!!!!
    clear and precise
    and very helpful

    take care

  2. Harold,

    Just great—–such a delicate addition.

  3. Love the tip – great job!

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