One-on-One Light Painting Workshop with Wendy Belkin

Photographer Wendy Belkin, one of my return students, traveled from Atlanta to beautiful downtown Pequea, PA., to attend another still life workshop. I’m always surprised by the enthusiasm that my students bring to the table, and Wendy is no exception. She’s very energetic and is always so excited to learn more about light painting! Of course, because Wendy had returned for more advanced training, we delved a little deeper into the subtle nuances.  Wendy also wanted to explore how different subjects react to various lighting treatments, especially those with metallic reflective surfaces.

Of course, these images contain some subjects that have been photographed by me and my students in the past, but I always like to emphasize that the goal of the workshop isn’t necessarily to make unique and great images, but to learn HOW to make great images.

Wendy did two images; the first is a composition that we both felt had a bit of an “outer space” feel:

Harold Ross's student Wendy Belkin's light painted photograph

Photograph by Wendy Belkin

For Wendy’s second image, I thought it would be fun to make a video of the light painting sequence as Wendy shot it. I’ve done this before, and it’s interesting to see it in motion! The video is made from the actual still frames that Wendy shot.

Please make sure to click on the HD button on the upper right:


To see a large version of the final image, click HERE


~ by Harold Ross on October 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “One-on-One Light Painting Workshop with Wendy Belkin”

  1. Hi Harold,

    I recognize a couple of those objects from your amazing “treasure room”.
    Nice work.

  2. Thanks, Gary! Yes, I’m running out of room to store all of those “treasures”. By the way, Wendy took the workshop a few weeks before you did, and we will be doing a blog post on your experience as well! There were so many recently that we’re running a little behind:-(

  3. Very cool! Just love the sequence. I have been experimenting with light painting and am hooked! I would love to attend one of your beginner workshops!

  4. Hi Ross,

    I have my morning coffee sitting in front of the computer and admiring all of the beautiful art work that you and your students have created using this technique, I only wish that I was living closer to attend some of your workshops.
    I live in the sunny Okanagan Kelowna B.C. Canada wine country.
    I’ve been practicing your light painting technique with some mixed results but I’m getting there. I was just wondering if you do online critiquing buy people submiting there photos?

    • Hi Peter, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Things have been extremely busy! Please send me a private message via email to:
      I can discuss with you then the possibility of doing some critiquing of your work. Thank you for your kind comments about my work!

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