Light Painting Tips and Techniques: Making a Background Recede

Recently, Sonia Nunez, of Sydney, Australia, participated in a One-on-One workshop here in beautiful Pequea, Pennsylvania. Sonia brought with her a very cool vintage 8mm film projector to photograph, and I’ve decided to do another video tutorial on part of the post production of that image. During the shoot, we felt that another photograph of the projector itself might make an interesting background, so we did it!

There is a bit of a challenge sometimes to make sure that a background stays in the background, and this tutorial shows the methods Sonia and I used to make that happen.

Remember to adjust the video quality (depending on your viewing size) by clicking on the “gear” icon on the lower right after play has started.

Click HERE to see the original blog post featuring the final image.

~ by Harold Ross on January 30, 2013.

2 Responses to “Light Painting Tips and Techniques: Making a Background Recede”

  1. Harold,

    Like your light painting photography. Been looking at a couple of your videos, like them too, willl continue to see the rest. I enjoy still life photography and am going to try to put your lighting techniques to use. I would like to attend one of your work shops but I live in London.

    Thanks for sharing your painting with light technique.

    Albert Davis

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