Talk and Demonstration at Malvern Retreat Art Show

Those of you that subscribe to my monthly Newsletter have seen this already, but I wanted to make sure that my Blog subscribers saw this also!

Recently, to coincide with the annual Malvern Retreat Art Show, I gave a talk and demonstration on “Light Painting the Still Life”. The audience seemed to be very interested, and apparently everyone enjoyed the talk and demonstration which lasted for three and a half hours. I brought along some things from my collection at the studio, and I set up and light painted the still life below:

Photographer Harold Ross's Light Painting Still Life Image from the Malvern Retreat Art Show Talk and Demonstration

Photograph by Harold Ross

As always, I really love giving these talks and light painting demonstrations, and I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of this crowd. It was a fun night!

~ by Harold Ross on February 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Talk and Demonstration at Malvern Retreat Art Show”

  1. Harold Ross’s teaches his technique with ease and confidence. The beauty of the finished image makes everyone in attendance want to the same on their own. Attending one of his three-day workshops makes it possible to become a light painter.

  2. You are a true artist!

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