One-on-One workshop with Susan Fleck

Recently, I taught a One-on-One workshop to student Susan Fleck, who traveled here from Indianapolis to learn light painting. Even though she was battling a bad cough and cold, she pushed herself and the workshop ended up being very successful for us both. She was a great student, and I absolutely love this first image she did of one of my father’s planes. The exquisite, yet functional form of this beautiful piece of equipment is celebrated in this simple study:

Harold Ross's Student Susan Fleck's light painted image

Photo by Susan Fleck

She also wanted to learn about lighting glass and metal, so she chose some appropriate things from my prop collection in order to create a challenging still life with reflective objects. Susan, an accomplished photographer, learned that very reflective surfaces such as glass and shiny metal, need to be lit using a soft and gradated light source to look their best. This is accomplished, quite simply, using a diffusion panel (called a scrim), and a small LED handheld light source from behind the scrim. At my workshops, students learn how to light, not just the technical steps in a workflow.

Harold Ross's Student Susan Fleck's light painted image

Photo by Susan Fleck

~ by Harold Ross on February 26, 2013.

3 Responses to “One-on-One workshop with Susan Fleck”

  1. I particularly like the plane. I have one just like it somewhere.

  2. Beautiful work…talented student, great teacher!

  3. Thanks Stephen and Jon! I appreciate your comments. I have several of my father’s tools and this plane is one of my favorites.

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