Two-on-One Light Painting Workshop with Glenn and Lori

Recently, I taught a Two-on-One workshop to students Glenn and Lori. Lori is from Pennsylvania and Glenn is from southern Delaware. They decided to take a workshop together to take advantage of the savings over taking the workshop individually.

As usual, both students “shopped” my extensive collection of props to create their still life images. Lori very soon zeroed in on something very special… A carving set that my sister Theresa bought for me at a yard sale. I’ve been wanting to photograph it myself for a while, so when Lori picked them up I had a pang of jealousy. ;-)

When photographing something long and thin, composition can be quite tricky in a standard oblique, or tabletop view. I suggested that Lori shoot straight down, and it worked out beautifully. She chose a small pewter pitcher and some other interesting props that I have here at the studio. Lori’s image turned out to be quite beautiful. She used the raking light to describe the antler handles of the carving set, and to create a lot of depth in a set that was only 2 inches in depth.

Harold Ross's Student Lori's light painted image

Photo by Lori

Glenn, like me, went right for the tools and old machine parts. He created this striking yet unusual composition, which was somewhat challenging due to all of the reflective metal involved. Glenn overcame the challenges and produced a terrific image. Somehow, his image reminds me a little of Marcel Duchamp.  Make sure to click on the images to see a larger version.

Harold Ross's student Glenn's light painted image

Photo by Glenn

Once again, I’m pleasantly surprised at the interesting compositions my workshop students come up with. So often, they are compositions that I would never do, and it’s so rewarding to see what  photographers with vision create. It’s one of the reasons I love teaching workshops. As the teacher, I also learn.

“Harold’s workshop was both informative and fun. Light painting is new to me and I was enthralled to see the process. Harold has a wonderful way of teaching and making concepts clear to an amateur photographer. He showed every step from the beginning with a discussion of light theory, to the set-up, image capture, post-processing and printing. Nothing was left out. Harold was more than willing to share the wealth of his knowledge. I highly recommend Harold’s workshop.”– Lori

“I’m an amateur photographer who has had no previous light painting experience and only limited experience with Adobe Photoshop.  I was very happy with what I learned from Harold’s workshop.  He taught techniques that simply cannot be learned by reading a book or watching a video tutorial.  The results of Harold’s light painting workflow are amazing.  Highly recommended”.– Glenn

~ by Harold Ross on March 7, 2013.

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  1. Great work!

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