Light Painting Tips and Techniques: Un-Polishing an Apple, or How to Fix a Specular Highlight

This tutorial is about an interesting fix that we explored in the March Group Workshop on light painting.

When you light a shiny object, especially one that contains color or a pattern, the specular highlight that will occur is going to diminish the color and/or pattern or texture in that area. Some people refer to this as an area getting “blown out”.

I’ve devised this method of getting rid of the problem, and it’s surprising how simple it is and how well it works.

Take a look at this tutorial video to see how it’s done and give it a try yourself.

This is the one of a series of tutorials that I’ve created involving my light painting process, and it is just a quick look at the kind of information that my students learn (although more in depth) at my workshops.

Please click on the “gear” icon on the lower right to increase the video resolution for better viewing quality… especially if you want to watch it full screen.

To see more of my videos on Light Painting technique by click HERE

~ by Harold Ross on April 4, 2013.

3 Responses to “Light Painting Tips and Techniques: Un-Polishing an Apple, or How to Fix a Specular Highlight”

  1. Great video, very nicely done! Regards, Roberto

  2. Neat tutorial, I have used masking, and second exposures before but never thought of doing for this reason.

  3. so simple, yet so perfect

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