One-on-One workshop with John Tebbetts

 Every once in a while, you meet someone whose interests so closely parallel your own that you have a hard time believing you don’t already know each other! John Tebbetts, who flew in from Texas to take a one-on-one workshop, is that kind of person. John is passionate about photography, and produces work of a very high quality (he would refer to this as “off-scale”), but there is something else that I connected with… John’s creativity, his ability and desire to make… that is, to conceive, design, and then build things. We both, for instance, work with welded steel as a creative medium (among other things).

 That said, putting myself in the same group as a guy like John is wishful thinking, as he is so accomplished at so many things that it boggles the mind. I have one other friend like that… someone who gets more done in a week than most folks imagine doing in a year, and all at a very high level. I could list these things, but it would take a very long time, and people like this make you realize that someone like Leonardo DaVinci actually existed… evidence that one person can be an artist, a scientist, a designer and an inventor all at once, and that they have an uncanny ability to consistently get amazing things done. John, for instance, recently designed and built a beautiful ultra-modern concrete and steel house for his family!

 On to the workshop… John, being from Texas, honed in immediately on the steer head that was hanging in our living room. He decided to light paint it, and I couldn’t have guessed where it was going to lead. John started “shopping” my prop collection, and found an industrial chain, some surgical tools, some bones, two marbles, and a fossil, and proceeded to create a composition that I couldn’t have imagined (as happens with many of my workshop students) and would never have done myself!

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating… this is what makes teaching such a delight, and one of the reasons that I learn from every one of my students.

So, here is the “anatomically referenced” image created by the renaissance man, executed with light painting:

 Photographer Harold Ross's student John Tebbett's light painted image

Photo by John Tebbetts

Now, the eye of the steer is just unbelievable, and one might think that we did something in post production to get this effect. In truth, John lit this part of the steer head (and a large marble that he had placed in the eye socket) in one capture, and used it in the image as it was! Here is the original capture of this area:

Photographer Harold Ross's student John Tebbett's light painted capture detail

Photo by John Tebbetts

~ by Harold Ross on April 18, 2013.

3 Responses to “One-on-One workshop with John Tebbetts”

  1. Amazing work and I REALLY love the various elements and the overall composition!

  2. Wonderful capture! I love the “eye ball.”

  3. Thanks Susan and Nancylee for the kind words. Harold can make even me look decent!

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