Images from the March 2013 Group Light Painting workshop…

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Here is the recap from our most recent group workshop, held in March.  Our next workshop is coming up, and it’s scheduled for the 11th and 12th of May, with a two-hour introduction on the evening of the 10th. There are still slots available!

As always, I do a demonstration still life light painting, and this time, I chose this beautiful old kitchen scale from my prop collection. I really enjoy doing a demonstration image during the workshop, as it’s always fun, and I always learn something! Vera and I had gone out prop shopping prior to the workshop and found some very beautiful tomatoes, so I couldn’t resist.

Photographer Harold Ross's Light Painting Demonstration Still Life Image

Photo by Harold Ross

The students, as usual, created some terrific images, and John and I very much enjoyed the experience we had with them!

To see more images created by my workshop students, click HERE.

Doris Burdick created this simple yet beautiful composition using carefully chosen elements that roughly fell into the same color family. Doris used a combination of very soft scrim light and harder light from a flashlight with diffuser (see tools and equipment page on the blog).

Photographer Harold Ross's student Doris Burdich's light painted image

Photo by Doris Burdick

Rob Tuttle brought this amazing old clock to the workshop. He decided to do a straight on image which celebrates the wonderful design elements in it. Using raking light, Rob brought out the detail of the wood carving.

Photographer Harold Ross's student Rob Tuttle's light painted image

Photo by Rob Tuttle

Lynn Cromer, who flew in from Texas, created this lovely image using just a few elements. Lynn’s desire was to create a beautiful classic still life, and his final image is just that!

Photographer Harold Ross's student Lynn Cromer's light painted image

Photo by Lynn Cromer

Ron Studebaker, who flew in from Colorado, chose a few of my favorite things to photograph, and he did a great job revealing the texture of these vintage tools. I have a thing for old oil cans (and I suspect that I’m not the only one!).

Photographer Harold Ross's student Ron Studebaker's light painted image

Photo by Ron Studebaker

Kerry Harrison, a workshop alumna, also couldn’t resist those gorgeous tomatoes! Kerry’s composition is unique, delicate and quite lovely.

Photographer Harold Ross's student Kerry Harrison's light painted image

Photo by Kerry Harrison

Leslie Sinclair created an image with a wonderful balance of color and shape. At the same time, the contrast in textures is intriguing.


Photo by Leslie Sinclair

After the workshop,  I decided to do a tutorial video on “How to Un-Polish an Apple”.

It was another successful workshop, and it was great fun teaching the nuances of light and light painting. Thanks to my students for coming, and to John Corcoran for co-instructing!

~ by Harold Ross on May 6, 2013.

4 Responses to “Images from the March 2013 Group Light Painting workshop…”

  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Fantastic work!

  3. All beautiful compositions and a wonderful job with the lighting. Again Harold, home run

  4. The work of the students and the master always impresses me. Fabulous! One day, I must attend.

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