One-on-One workshop with Amr El-shafei

In March, I had the pleasure of teaching a One-on-One workshop to Amr El-shafei, who flew in from Arkansas.

Amr has a real love for photography, as well as for the American flag, so he decided to combine the two in a still life during the workshop. He picked out a baby Rollie from my camera collection, as well as an antique chrome tripod, a great combination. As a matter of fact, at my former studio, I had the Rollie mounted on that very tripod as part of my studio decor. Amr also placed a vintage flash bulb in the set as a nice accent. These bulbs are fun to light, as the fine metal wire inside the bulb picks up the light beautifully.

Amr decided to use a wide angle lens on his Cambo technical camera, which brought another level of interest to the shot.

Photographer Harold Ross's student Amr El-shafei's light painted image  Photography by Amr El-shafei

This still life was definitely a challenge! The fabric of the flag, the chrome tripod and the multiple surfaces and edges on the Rollieflex all presented technical hurdles during the light painting part of the workshop. Amr used a soft scrim light for the chrome, and the Surefire with the diffusion adapter for most everything else.

Although I love teaching in a group atmosphere, the one-on-one workshops are special in their own way. There is a bit more of an opportunity for the student and myself to get to know each other, and there is more back and forth, which allows us to accomplish more in the two-plus days. Also, the still life set-ups can be a bit more complex.

We had a great time exploring light painting on this image. Thanks for making this a great workshop, Amr!

~ by Harold Ross on May 21, 2013.

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