Due To Popular Demand…

Due to numerous requests from my workshop students, and those attending my presentations, we’ve decided to make available the light diffusers that I designed and that I use in my light painting photography:

Harold Ross's light painting tools

I use these diffusers to create images like these:

Photographer Harold Ross's Light Painting Demonstration Still Life Image

 Photograph by Harold Ross

Photographer Harold Ross's light painted image

Photograph by Harold Ross

We’ve decided to open an ETSY STORE to make it easier to purchase these diffusers.

The diffusers work with any flashlight with a .9″ OR  1″ bezel (make sure to order the correct size for your flashlight), and work beautifully with the OLight S10R2 (not 3), my flashlight of choice, due to its small size, the quality of the LED, and the 10 year shelf life of the batteries.

There are two diffusers in the set… one with a “right hand” hood and the other with a “left hand” hood. Why two different hoods? Each has an angled cut which protects light from registering on the image under most circumstances, and depending on whether one is lighting from the left side or right, either one will be at the correct angle to block the light.

Also, you can control whether the actual flashlight is pointing up or down depending on which hood you use. In some cases, it is better to have the light pointing up or down in order to avoid contact with elements on the still life set.

The diffusers are made from heavy gauge plastic and have a heavy, opaque matte black coating.

In more exciting news, we will soon be introducing a black anodized aluminum adapter which will work perfectly with these diffusers! Designed by my co-instructor and fellow light painter, John Corcoran, these adapters will make switching between the two hoods very fast, and will securely hold the diffusers using two O rings. We will announce it very soon, along with a photograph!

~ by Harold Ross on June 13, 2013.

3 Responses to “Due To Popular Demand…”

  1. will go to etsy right away
    thanks for the heads up

  2. Harold: Great idea!

  3. Perfect in every way!

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