Workshop with Paul and Nancy…

Earlier this year, I taught a workshop to students Paul Wegemann, from Colorado, and Nancy Ori, from New Jersey. We had a great time, and we made some interesting images!

Paul and Nancy are both experienced photographers, so they caught on to the concepts fairly quickly. Nancy in particular wanted to learn a bit about lighting a glossy colorful object (this seems to be of interest to many of my students), and so she brought along this pitcher. One of the things I love about the methods I teach is the simplicity of the tools needed. Nancy lit this entire scene with a flashlight and diffuser, and an LED panel with a scrim (diffusion panel). That’s it. The scrim works beautifully for glossy or chrome objects when lit from behind by a small LED panel. It’s important to know just how far to hold the light from the panel, and also how to move the light a bit to further soften the highlight to shadow transitions. Nancy did a wonderful job here:

Photographer Harold Ross's student Nancy Ori's light painted image

Photograph by Nancy Ori

Paul chose some wonderful props from my collection here at the studio. The plumb bob sitting on top of the gear is one of my very favorite objects. You can just see the patina of usefulness on this basic, yet important, tool. Like Nancy, Paul intentionally chose objects that would provide a lighting challenge, and the clock provided several of them, including shiny metal and glass, obviously. Another fantastic advantage to light painting is the ability to create separation with light alone. Notice how well Paul separates the clock from the dark box behind it. By using light on the clock, and light on the box (on the left side) he gets great separation, and great dimensionality in the image. Another example of this is the leather cover of the notebook, and how the edge of it stands out against the gear behind it.

Photographer Harold Ross's student Paul Wegemann's light painted image

Photograph by Paul Wegemann

To see more student images from my workshops, click HERE.

There are still openings for the November (8,9 and 10) and January (17,18 and 19) light painting workshops, to be held at my home studio in Lancaster County, PA.  See more details HERE. Hope to see you!

~ by Harold Ross on October 30, 2013.

2 Responses to “Workshop with Paul and Nancy…”

  1. Wonderful work. I love getting to see these images. It is like a gift. Thanks!

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