“Oil Cans” series … a new image

A couple of years ago, I began photographing oil cans. Old ones. There are many things about them that I love… including their interesting shapes, their unique patinas and their utilitarian appeal (to me, anyway).

Simple little machines to oil bigger machines.

A couple of weeks ago, Vera and I went to a local auction and I bought some “new” ones. The beautiful one on the right of the image was very recently photographed by one of my workshop students (and, as always, I’ll do a blog post on that workshop), and it inspired me to photograph it with its “mates”. This particular one has an amazing patina (brought out by the remarkably revealing nature of light painting), an indication of what must have been decades of use.

Photographer Harold Ross' light painted image "Oil Cans #4"

Photograph by Harold Ross                                             “Oil Cans #4”

~ by Harold Ross on January 7, 2014.

10 Responses to ““Oil Cans” series … a new image”

  1. Harold,

    Nice shot! You confer a kind of nobility to “ordinary” things.

    Here’s one for you – Last night on Lombard St. A different kind of light painting!

  2. As always, your work is just outstanding. I am truly inspired each time I see one of your images to try to emulate your techniques. I love the video tutorials and tips. Thank you for the inspiration you give us all for painting with light!

  3. Great looking picture!

  4. I totally agree with Cam Miller,amazing work. Best wishes from my side for 2014.

  5. Harold,
    I, too, am hooked on photographing “old” things! Old oil cans are really cool! You have turned these old oil cans into a Rembrandt work of art! Your work is truly inspiring!

  6. Thanks everyone!!

  7. how do you setup the lighting? its very nice..

    • Hi Max,
      The image was created using light painting. If you read further on my wordpress blog, you will begin to understand the process. Best wishes, Harold.

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