Workshop recaps… a 2-on-1 and Two Individual Sessions.

A few months ago (yes, I’m playing catch-up), I had several workshops in one four week period. As always, I’m so proud of the images that were produced that I want to share them.

The first of these workshops, a 2-on-1, was with Fred Shiple and Tim Hacker – two friends who decided to travel together from Ohio and take a workshop. Both were experienced in photography and Photoshop, and both took very well to the process I teach at my workshops.

Fred wanted to do something traditional and simple, and as always, simple seems to work well when considering the transformational quality of light painting. He created a beautiful composition:

Fred_Shiple_WS copy

 Photograph by workshop student Fred Shiple

 Tim gravitated to my collection of old photography gear. He has an eye for color, and chose some props that worked together in that regard, and he also specifically wanted to learn to light glass objects. The reflection of one bottle in another was quite intriguing!


      Photograph by workshop student Tim Hacker

Will Doak, a fellow Pennsylvanian (who has recently moved to Santa Fe, and I’m a little jealous!), like Fred, decided to do a traditional still life. He selected some pewter from my prop collection and nicely combined it with some organic elements. Of special interest to us was the tiny glass with its specular highlights.


Photograph by workshop student Will Doak

Robert “Jake” Jacobsen, who took the train from his home in NYC, was quite knowledgeable about art in general, and was specifically interested in the painterly quality that light sculpting affords. Jake took to the process very quickly, and has actually been back for a second workshop (more on that in a future post). Hint: Remember the plumb bob…

Jake_Jacobsen_WS copy

Photograph by workshop student Robert “Jake” Jacobsen

The lighting techniques I teach in the workshop are crucial to my process, but the Photoshop post production has a bonus… the layering and masking techniques are applicable to non-light painting work also! Not only am I gratified by what my students produce during a workshop, but I’m also happy to know that their other photography will benefit  from what they learn here as well.

To see more student images from my workshops, click HERE.

If you’re interested in learning this powerful and rewarding process, there are upcoming group workshops, as well as individualized one-on-one workshops available anytime, all to be held at my home studio in beautiful Lancaster County, PA.  See more details HERE. Hope to see you!

~ by Harold Ross on June 5, 2014.

5 Responses to “Workshop recaps… a 2-on-1 and Two Individual Sessions.”

  1. Hi Harold!

    Love Fred’s image! Just gorgeous! You are just so talented! I love the Burnt Offfering images in our group show at DAM! Beautiful!

    Warmest Regards, Kerry Harrison 302.494.4141

  2. Amazing!!! Great photopaintings with light, I’m impressed. Well done.

  3. quite lovely.

  4. Thanks everyone! We appreciate your kind comments!

  5. Harold,

    Thx for this! Nice write-up and nice pix from the other guys. Let’s talk about getting together again…

    Hope you are well – best to Vera!


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