Workshop Improvements… and Sponsorship!

Well, we decided to make some improvements to the workshop in terms of hardware, so we outfitted the workshops with new iMac computers!

Photographer Harold Ross outfits his workshops with new iMac computers.

Windows users do not be alarmed! The interfaces in Photoshop and Capture One are virtually identical between the two platforms. This means that what you learn at the workshop will seamlessly transfer to whatever computer you work on currently. Also, the monitors have all been calibrated, and are much better in size and quality than laptop monitors. And, so that students can take all image files home with them, we will be giving each student a 16 GB flash drive.

We have used the new computers at two workshops so far, and it has been fantastic! No downtime for computer and software issues, and the larger monitors allow us to see in great detail.

wacom-logo Phase_One_logo

Also, we are very proud to announce that Wacom and Phase One have become sponsors! Wacom has provided 6 Intous Pro tablets and Phase One has provided us with 6 licenses for Capture One to be used at the workshops. A huge thank you goes out to Wacom and Phase One for making this possible.

~ by Harold Ross on October 21, 2014.

13 Responses to “Workshop Improvements… and Sponsorship!”

  1. Hi Harold,

    Congratulations for your improvements to the workshop. Wish I could attend to your workshops but unfortunately you are far away.


  2. Congratulations! Glad Wacom is sponsoring. I bought my 24-inch Wacom after taking a workshop with you and have been thrilled with it.

  3. Wow! That’s a really impressive classroom set up! Enjoy!

  4. Light painted the classroom?

  5. Wow! Looks really great. Seems like you bought the 27″ size, too. Sorry we missed out on that……

  6. lush. swoon :)

  7. I was in the first class to use the new computers. As a PC user, it was no problem getting up to speed on the iMac with your helpful tips. No downtime troubleshooting personal computer issues gave us more time to learn. Great setup.

  8. Aren’t you glad now our workshop pushed you over the edge! :-)

  9. Thank you everyone! And they are the 21.5 inch, Sally! :-)

  10. I think I know who pushed you over the edge LOL, I want a redo, beside the Fantastic time, great knowledge I acquired, new friends I made and the amount of work I have to do now, everything is all joy and excitement, yet I want a redo; have loads of questions, please let me know when you are up to do a landscape light painting workshop, wish you the best my friend,
    Thank you for everything.
    Titano Cruz

  11. I agree with Titano….A landscape light painting workshop in the general area where you live would be good.
    Sally Foster

  12. Wow! So glad to see u have grown. I still wish I had the time to take the class again. Marcel

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