Discount on Capture One software… 20% until December 1st!

Harold Ross's Light Painted Image

Photograph by Harold Ross

As most of you know, the Light Painting workflow and shooting experience is greatly enhanced by tethered shooting. Tethered shooting means that our camera is connected to the computer, and using software, we write the captures directly to the computer’s hard drive.

This isn’t the main reason that we use tethering, however… there is a huge benefit in being able to see a large preview of our image, but an even bigger advantage is that we can use the software, as I like to say, as “the world’s best light meter”. In other words, by moving the exposure slider, we can see exactly how under-exposed or over-exposed our image is. This allows us to determine an exact exposure correction, and in Light Painting, where there are so many variables, removing this one is a big help.

I’ve been using Capture One since I made my very first digital capture, and I’ve seen the program develop into not only the best tethering software, but also into a very advanced RAW processor, one with amazing local color correction tools not found in any other tethering software.

As a Capture One Ambassador, I can offer my followers a 20% discount through Dec. 1st, 2014.

After that, a 10% discount is still available.

These discounts are for both the full product and upgrades from existing versions.

To get either one of these discounts, just use my discount code at checkout: AMBHAROLD


Capture One Pro 8 is the world’s best raw converter, rendering precise colours and incredible detail with support for leading high-end cameras (and the ever-growing list of supported cameras can be found HERE.) It contains flexible, digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools in one customisable and high performing solution. For more information on Capture One Pro 8 go to

~ by Harold Ross on November 29, 2014.

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