Workshop(s) recap… both with Jake… a double take!!

We hope that everyone is having a great holiday season, and we wish you much happiness in the new year to come!

I find it so rewarding to have repeat students at my Sculpting with Light workshops. It’s gratifying to see the progress they make the second time around.

One of my repeat students, Robert “Jake” Jacobsen, who came down to Lancaster County from Manhattan, has taken three One-on-One workshops. I decided to recap the second and third one in this post.

Since Jake had “gotten his feet wet” in light painting previously, he had very clear ideas about what he wanted to photograph. I get so much out of seeing how other photographers think about and look at composition and content, and I always learn from it! Of course, this happens at almost every workshop, but generally, students are looking for input on ideas, especially when they are first learning the process. Jake was pretty sure of just what he wanted to do.

For his first project, he wanted to create a “surreal” image using an old camera and plumb bob from my collection. He specifically wanted to have the camera floating and some element of movement. Jake thought that the plumb bob as a pendulum would be interesting. Both objects are well over 100 years old, but they certainly take on a new life in this image:

Photograph by workshop student Robert Jacobsen

 Photograph by workshop student Robert “Jake” Jacobsen

More recently, Jake came down to the studio again for a third workshop. This time, as before, he had something very specific in mind, and Jake had gone shopping for props in Manhattan, probably the best place in the world to find great things to photograph (and in this case, to eat!)

He wanted to do an image involving wine, cheese, and charcuterie. He brought with him the most wonderful collection of cheeses (the Yellow Stilton was fantastic!) and cured meats. The image is one of those rare ones in which everything feels right. Although the overall composition is complex, and there is a lot to look at, the image doesn’t feel too “busy” to me. Also, I feel that it has a beautiful stillness about it.

Photograph by workshop student Robert Jacobsen

 Photograph by workshop student Robert “Jake” Jacobsen

Both of these images are so visually interesting to me; they are so different in both concept and execution, yet they were done by the same person!

To see more student images from my workshops, click HERE.

~ by Harold Ross on December 26, 2014.

4 Responses to “Workshop(s) recap… both with Jake… a double take!!”

  1. This is great work. The motion is intriguing.

    Paulie Grugan

  2. Just starting light painting photography. This is inspiring. Thank you and Happy New Year :-)

  3. Harold!

    Many thanks for this and it was so much fun to do. You are, as always, very generous in your comments.

    Let’s do another picture! I have a thought as to what I want to do and would love to see you and Vera again.

    Will be in touch. Best to you guys and Happy New Year!


  4. I LOVE the movement in the plumb bob…

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