Recap of 1-on-1 Workshop… Ron Studebaker… You Reap What You Sew.

Ron Studebaker, a “Sculpting with Light” alumnus, returned to the studio for an individual 3 day session. After flying in from Colorado, Ron decided to check out some local antique stores (and we have a lot of them here), and he ended up picking up some very cool vintage sewing equipment. I like seeing “new” things, and although I have a great collection of props, vintage and otherwise, there is nothing like the challenge of light painting something new!

In this image, I just love the silky reflections that Ron was able to get on the spools of thread, and how the jar of buttons is so colorful, dimensional and detailed. The scissors are also very interesting… make sure to click on the image to see the wonderful details (the image is a lower-res Jpeg, so the original is even more detailed.) The tonalities, textures and dimension are only able to be had through the Sculpting with Light process. Great job, Ron!

Photograph by workshop student Ron Studebaker

To see more student images from my workshops, click HERE.

~ by Harold Ross on January 31, 2015.

5 Responses to “Recap of 1-on-1 Workshop… Ron Studebaker… You Reap What You Sew.”

  1. Hi Mr Ross,

    Hope this mail finds you and your wife in good health.

    I would like to congratulate you for the photos of your students. I like very much the one with the vintage sewing machine. Especially when I have one similar to the one in the photo, also one of my jobs was working in jeans manufacturing.


  2. That should start a discussion thread…….

  3. Harold,

    Thx for sending these. This and the war memorabilia shot were both great!

    Best to Vera.


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