Images from the Biltmore Estate – Part 3

Mr. Vanderbilt’s bedroom is amazing… while shooting there, I imagined what it would have been like to wake up in this room each morning. Ornate furnishings, gold metallic wallpaper, European etchings and intricate hand crafted sconces all conspire to make this room without equal in terms of its richness. We decided to make two images here, but in this post, we will feature the first one that we completed.

Mr. Vanderbilt’s Bedroom

Light painted photograph of Mr. Vanderbilt's Bedroom by Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

In this detail, one can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the making of the dresser and the wall sconce.

Detail of Light painted photograph of Mr. Vanderbilt's Bedroom by Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

The Second Floor Living Hall is near the fireplace featured in the previous installment of the Biltmore images. It is, as is everything at the Biltmore House, a beautiful room, but the thing that really caught my eye was the gorgeous hand carved yellow velvet settee. Flanking this amazing piece of furniture are two important portraits by John Singer Sargent. The portrait on the left is of Richard Morris Hunt, the architect of Biltmore House. The one on the right is of Frederick Law Olmsted, the noted designer of the grounds who was also known for designing Central Park in New York. The blue vases are 19th century Chinese porcelain.

The Second Floor Living Hall

Light painted photograph of the Second Floor Living Hall by Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

The image is a little deceiving in terms of scale. In this video, you can get a sense for just how large the paintings and settee really are. (If you look carefully, you can see Jim Ryan in the mirror!)

 The beautiful intricate carving of the settee is enhanced by light painting.

Detail of Light painted photograph of the Second Floor Living Hall by Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

Light Painting at the Biltmore House was a fantastic experience.

Again, a huge THANKS to Jim Ryan who made this project possible, and who spent many late hours with me shooting and doing post production.

And, for logistical help on the shoot, thanks to Laura Overbey, Collections Manager at the Biltmore, who helped us coordinate everything, and stayed late for us while shooting Mr. Vanderbilt’s Bedroom.

For the Second Floor Living Hall images, Renee Jolly of Museum Services.

And, of course, thanks to my wife Vera for, as always, helping me every step of the way!

Stay tuned as we publish more images from the Biltmore House!

All material in this post © Harold Ross 2015

~ by Harold Ross on April 28, 2015.

6 Responses to “Images from the Biltmore Estate – Part 3”

  1. Awesome work, Harold, I am continually impressed with the quality and visual impact of your photography. I would be interested to know what camera equipment and post processing programs you use. I would love to go to one of your seminars. Do you have any DVD courses or ebooks that photographers can purchase?

  2. these are just lovely to look at, such rich colours and depth. Look forward to the rest.

  3. Thanks Larry and fragglerocking! Larry, to answer your questions… I will tell you what camera I use, but first I must say… the camera does not matter. My images are mostly a result of lighting and to a lesser extent, blending the images in Photoshop. I use a 25 year-old Hasselblad outfitted with a digital back. I also use a Cambo technical camera with the same digital back. Repeat…the camera does not matter. I capture images and process from RAW using Capture 1, which is the best tethering software available. I currently do not have any DVDs but I am working on them, as well as a series of “image kits” which will be announced soon! These image kits will consist of images I have shot and instructions on how to blend them together in PS…hope this answers your questions! – best, Harold

  4. More stunning work. The intricacies of the dresser, settee, sconces, mirrors and picture frames are …. well you just don’t see that kind of craftsmanship today. It’s such a treat. I love the little videos too. Super excited at the prospect of a DVD and image kits!! :) Keep it coming!

  5. Many congratulations for your work Harold, are always fascinated by the beauty of the photographs and the richness of detail, I write from ‘Italy, I wish I could learn Thy technique but do not speak English.
    I read that very soon will come out of the DVD and kit, I hope also in downloads.
    I ask you, if possible, attach the “instructions” in PDF format to make it more ‘easy to learn for those who do not know English.
    I apologize for the English, I used a translator.

  6. Incredibly beautiful images; it’s so hard to imagine the eye that can put these together into such beauty!

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