John Corcoran’s “First Red Rose”

My long time friend, John Corcoran (who is also the co-instructor at my group workshops) photographs flowers and people using light painting. Between us, we have over 45 years of light painting experience!

John mainly photographs flowers that he grows himself, and they include orchids, plumeria and roses.

One of the things that John has mentioned is that the first rose of the season is the most perfect, followed by the last rose of the season. I wonder why that is? Is the weather a factor, or is it something that nature does?

Light painting affords us the ability to bring out details, shape and dimension that ordinary lighting can’t. This is one of the main reasons that John and I have been practicing it for decades.

Here is John’s image of one of his “first roses” of the season. This beautiful photograph gained entry into the prestigious ” Art of the State, 2015″ exhibition in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:

First Red Rose by light painting photographer John Corcoran

Photograph by John Corcoran

To see more of John’s light painted floral photography, please click HERE

~ by Harold Ross on August 12, 2015.

4 Responses to “John Corcoran’s “First Red Rose””

  1. Beautiful, John!

  2. Woww this is truly unique!!

  3. Congratulations,John; this is simply stunning!

  4. That is *really* beautiful!

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