At last! Images shot by students during Group Workshops

2015 is coming to an end… Where did the year go?

I’d like to thank everyone for following my blog and showing interest in my work. A very special thank you goes out to those who have attended my workshops.

All of you make me feel so very fortunate!

John, Vera and I wish for you the very best in the New Year, and we hope it is filled with health and happiness!



Well, I admit it…

It’s been a very, VERY long time since I’ve posted recent images shot by students at my group workshops. Things have been so incredibly busy, and for many reasons I was unable to get to it… but finally, here they are!

My apologies to those students who have been waiting. As a matter of fact, no images were left out (I hope I didn’t miss any…If you don’t see your image here, let me know!)… these are all of the images produced since the last recap (except for One-on-One workshops, which will be posted in a week or so).

In getting together these images, I have to say that, as in the past, I’m amazed at the quality of the images and of the compositions that my students produce. A vast majority of my students had never light painted, and many had never used masking in Photoshop until the workshop. Indeed, some students had never even used Photoshop! Given this, the results are just superb.

The workshop is designed to teach a process and a way of thinking about light, and it most definitely is not about making a masterpiece. That said, the results are wonderful examples of how transformative my process of “Sculpting with Light” really is.

This doesn’t come easy. The 3 days of the workshop is quite intensive, and in fact, we kiddingly refer to day 2 as “Boot Camp Day”!

Occasionally, a student will bring subject matter to a workshop, but most students choose from the limited pool of props and backgrounds that I have here at the studio. Therefore, it can’t be helped that there is a repetition of some subject matter. That said, I jokingly admit to being a hoarder, and I’ve been told that my collection of props is impressive!

The images load onto this page in random order… each time you refresh the page, the order and sizing will be different. I think it’s kind of fun to see the random juxtapositions; also there was no possible way for me to choose any favorites among such wonderful images!

All images from students over the years are HERE.

Make sure to click on an image to get a carousel view!


~ by Harold Ross on December 31, 2015.

3 Responses to “At last! Images shot by students during Group Workshops”

  1. Hi Harold!

    Some nice work, and some subjects and combinations of objects that would never have occurred to me. I just resolved yesterday to get back into light painting. I have more room in our new (60-year-old or one-year-old, depending on how you’re counting) house.

    I remember your telling me that candle smoke was easy to capture, but not how to do it.

    Glad you’re busy. Give my best to Vera.


  2. Hi Harold, Vera And John, First off- Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Am so glad you finally posted our images. It was really fun to see what people were able to create. Have just returned from a fabulous trip to Patagonia, Chile and Brazil. I was gone for 32 days which means I have a bit of “catching up” to do. Keep in touch. Fondly, Sally Foster

  3. Happy New Year Harold! I love all the pictures, I can’t get enough of that buttery painterly effect. I hope that one day I can take a class. All the best to you all!

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