Images created by students in “One on One” workshops!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted images from some of my group workshops.

Today, I’m posting images that were shot by students who attended One-on-One (or Two-on-One) workshops.

In individual workshops, there is a little bit more time to spend on slightly more complex images, as there is only one student. Alternatively, instead of shooting more complex images, we sometimes are able to shoot two or even three simpler images. In a couple of cases, such as my workshops with Canice Dunphy and Simon Boddy, both of whom travelled from the UK (Canice is from Ireland and Simon is from England), the students decided to spend an extra day or two with me and we were able to get even more accomplished!

I do love teaching groups of students, but there is something nice about a one-on-one workshop. Of course, there is more attention given to the student, and there is more of a back-and-forth, resulting in a workshop that is a bit more conversational and focused in terms of just what is learned.

As I mentioned before, because my prop collection is limited (although it is somewhat extensive), there is often a repetition of props throughout the images. That said, I’m always interested and excited to see the compositions that my students come up with!

The workshop is not about making a masterpiece, but is designed to teach a process and a way of thinking about light. I believe that my “Sculpting with Light” process is very transformative, and the images of ordinary objects shot by my students is a testament to that.

The images load onto this page in random order… each time you refresh the page, the order and sizing will be different. I think it’s kind of fun to see the random juxtapositions.

All images from students over the years are HERE.

Make sure to click on any image to get a carousel view!

~ by Harold Ross on January 23, 2016.

2 Responses to “Images created by students in “One on One” workshops!”

  1. Impressive photography from the students of a master of fine art photography. For sure if I would live close to his studio, I would definitely attend one of his workshops. Unfortunately I live far away from his country. Well done to his students a great certificate of his ability in teaching.

  2. Fantastic images!

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