By popular demand… Introducing LightWand!

We are very excited to introduce a new and important addition to our very simple set of lighting tools… LightWand.

Photograph of LightWand by Harold Ross

John Corcoran and I have been using light wands for over 25 years, so we decided to design one which works with our flashlight adapter.

Whether you have one of our 0.9″ or 1″ adapters, the LightWand will simply slip on it just like our diffusers.

This means that you will be using the same light source that is used with our adapter and diffusers! So, the flashlight that you already own (or will own) will be used for both the diffusers and the LightWand. This is efficient… no extra batteries or light source to purchase and maintain, and it is simple… usually a good thing!

A light wand is very useful in light painting, as it can be passed right in front of the lens (great for fill light), and it acts as a strip light, and it’s an ideal light for placing long highlights on a subject.

It’s a perfect light for light painting portraits. Take a look at John’s portraiture!  Scroll down to see a sample image of John’s.

To purchase one, go HERE!

This video explains more, and shows how the wand was used in the three images below:



Light painting photograph of John Sartin jewelry by Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

Light painting photograph of camera lens by Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

Light painting photograph of vintage hammer by Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

Portrait done with light painting by John Corcoran

Photograph by John Corcoran

~ by Harold Ross on February 27, 2016.

9 Responses to “By popular demand… Introducing LightWand!”

  1. Hi Harold, why wasn’t the wand used on the front of the lens?

    • Hi Titano! I wanted a very smooth radiant reflection on the lens, so I thought it would be easier to use a diffusion panel, lit from the back with an LED light source. The main reason I wanted the more graduated light is because I wanted some good separation in the different lens elements. A broader light would probably result in less dramatic separation between those pieces of glass. Hope this helps, my friend!

  2. Hello, I live in Australia and was wondering if you have have any proper instructional videos for both painting and PS processing that could be purchased ? Best Wishes Marc

  3. The portrait is fabulous, John! Wonderful idea.

  4. Hi Harold,
    I understand the flashlight is difficult to find. Any suggestions on where to find it?


  5. Hello Harold. None of your ancestors can be named Roznětínský? (Emma and Franc) from the 19 th century. They came from Bohemia (Austro-Hungarian) in Pensilvania! I do, I know the whole family. Please :-) hello Sváťa

    • Hello Svatopluk! Thank you for your comment! I’m sorry to say that my paternal ancestors were from Scotland. As far as I know, no connection to Bohemia.:-(

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