Coming up… Presentation and Sculpting with Light Demonstration at Berks Photo Conference!

I’m thrilled to be giving the opening presentation (and light painting / post production demonstration) at the 2016 Berks Photographic Conference in Kutztown, PA.

(I was scheduled to give this presentation last year (2015), but due to a family emergency at the last minute, I was unable to. Unfortunately, the Berks website still has/had that notice up, but hopefully it has been corrected by the time you read this post!… I WILL be there!)

The dates of the conference are June 10, 11 and 12, 2016. It’s coming up fast, so please plan to come out and learn why this process is so beautiful and transformative!

Still Life with Gourd by photographer Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

I’ll be giving a roughly 3.5 hour presentation on Friday evening (June 10), which will include a discussion of the advantages of this fun and powerful process, a talk on lighting theory, and an explanation of the tools involved (few and inexpensive).

After the talk, I’ll photograph a complete still life using light painting, and then I’ll produce a final image in Photoshop, all live and projected on the big screen!

This promises to be an information-filled evening, and be prepared to be inspired!

Also, please consider attending all weekend! The Conference is chock-full of great presenters, and it will be tons of fun to boot. You must register in advance to attend! Meals are also available on site and can be purchased at the time of registration.

Click HERE for the complete schedule (click HERE to register)).


Still Life with Pencil Sharpener by photographer Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross




~ by Harold Ross on May 17, 2016.

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