Images created by students in “One on One” workshops.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted images from some of my group workshops.

Today, I’m posting images that were shot by students who attended One-on-One (or Two-on-One) workshops.

In individual workshops, there is a little bit more time to spend on slightly more complex images, as there is only one student. Alternatively, instead of shooting more complex images, we sometimes are able to shoot two or even three simpler images.

I really love teaching groups of students, but there is something nice about a one-on-one workshop. Of course, there is more attention given to the student, and there is more of a back-and-forth, resulting in a workshop that is a bit more conversational and focused in terms of material.

As I mentioned before, because my prop collection is limited (although it is extensive), there is often a repetition of props throughout the images. That said, I’m always excited to see the compositions that my students come up with!

The workshop is not about making a masterpiece, but is designed to teach a process and a way of thinking about light. I believe that my “Sculpting with Light” process is very transformative, and the images of ordinary objects shot by my students is a testament to that.

Bob Egan, of Cranberry Twp., PA, wanted the challenge of learning how to light glass and metal. He did a very nice job of that, and the use of the copper plate as a background element is interesting.

Sonya Sanchez Arias, of Boca Raton, FL, created an image using old silverware, and captured the gorgeous patina on it. I love the splash of red that Sonya used!

Fernando Arias, also of Boca Raton, made a beautiful but simple composition using a piece of oxidized/rusted steel as a background, and one of my antique barn pulleys. Very nice, Fernando.

Fax Ayres, of Charlottesville, VA., did a very interesting image incorporating tension using one of my antique plumb bobs. Very imaginative and fun! Great job, Fax.

Scott Goodwin, of Ipswich, MA, a commercial advertising photographer, wanted to do something a bit on the commercial side (and technically challenging), yet beautiful. I think he succeeded!

David Goldberg, of Westland, MI, also a commercial photographer, created a nicely seen composition of some industrial tools, and he introduced a nice softness with the rope and burlap.

The images load onto this page in random order… each time you refresh the page, the order and sizing will be different. I think it’s kind of fun to see the random juxtapositions.

All images from students over the years are HERE.

To sign up for a currently offered group workshop, click HERE.

We will be announcing new workshop dates for September, October, November and December very soon.

Make sure to click on any image to get a carousel view!

~ by Harold Ross on June 30, 2016.

2 Responses to “Images created by students in “One on One” workshops.”

  1. Some great still Lifes here!

  2. Stunning work from them all, Harold! Congrats. to all who participated.

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