A tutorial on C1 White Balance Styles

Hello everyone! Capture One is a fantastic program for editing in RAW and it’s also the most intuitive and best tethering program available (I always shoot tethered). The program has color adjustment tools which are found in no other software, and this, combined with layering, makes for a very powerful editing software!


Photographer Harold Ross' light painted image, "Still Life with protractor and plumb bob"

Photograph by Harold Ross

The following tutorial shows how I use Capture One’s styles as a way to balance the color of various light sources in my “Sculpting with Light” workflow.

By the way, a huge thanks to Ben Wilmore for turning me on to (and giving me!) the WhiBal grey card! It’s definitely recommended.

(Make sure to click on the HD button for a better viewing experience.)



~ by Harold Ross on September 14, 2016.

3 Responses to “A tutorial on C1 White Balance Styles”

  1. I have wondered about Capture One for some time, as I still use Aperture (unsupported now). I presume Capture One doesn’t have a cataloging system as Aperture does….so what do you use to store your images? Plus, is this a one off cost, or do you need to pay yearly?

    • Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. Yes, C1 does have a cataloging system. One can choose to work in “Catalog” mode or in “Session” mode (which I do). I would suggest looking at their vast tutorial collection and you’ll be able to get all of the details, as I am not very familiar with the cataloging mode. Since I make only one or two photographs per shoot, I don’t need to catalog. Also, the price to purchase C1 is an outright purchase, so not yearly. Hope this helps! – HR

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