The (almost) forgotten teapot collection…

Vera and I have been collecting teapots for some time, but in the four years since moving to our current home, we’d forgotten to unpack them! Finally, a few weeks ago, we found the cardboard box which held the carefully packaged collection.

I decided to photograph them, and here is one of the images from the series.

We love Japanese Tetsubin pots, which are cast iron. Traditionally, when making tea, they are heated over a charcoal fire. Their textures are gorgeous, and with my interest in metal work (started by my blacksmith grandfather, Albert Iten) they really speak to me.

My hope was to capture the sublime combination of craft and design.

As always, if you’re viewing this in an email, please click to see the blog, which offers a better viewing experience.

Light Painted photograph Still Life with Teapot and Red Cloth by Harold RossPhotography by Harold Ross

~ by Harold Ross on November 20, 2016.

8 Responses to “The (almost) forgotten teapot collection…”

  1. Absolutely stunning, as is all of your work Harold!

  2. Love those textures and details

  3. Beautiful work.

  4. Oh, beautiful!

  5. Excellent photography as always,congratulation to you and Vera for your teapot collection

  6. It has been a while since I’ve been back here to look through your new work, but the teapot images drew me back here. Instantly, I recognized the soothing calm that your work makes me feel – like coming home. Again, absolutely lovely work. Thank you.

  7. I find your composition very fascinating. I know the teapot and the cup are composed this way for a reason. The gouge in the table under the teapot. The teapot spout faces over the table edge, rather than point to the left. The cup is over turned rather than just oriented upright. The cloth between the cup and teapot. I hope Vera has many more teapots so that we can enjoy more of your work.

  8. Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments. It is much appreciated!

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